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Challenge #24 - Hyperbole [Dec. 16th, 2005|02:53 pm]
Write Like the Wind


People love to exaggerate. “I’ve told you a million times to sit down!” “The lecture was so boring that all one hundred people there were sound asleep.”

Choose one (or more, if you wish) of the following situations and use hyperbole (gross exaggeration) to rephrase them in an exciting way.

Example: I had an ugly blind date last night.
Hyperbole: I had a blind date last night with Frankenstein’s sister.

1. I saw an accident involving three cars this morning.
2. It’s been raining for six days.
3. My friend ate three hot fudge sundaes.
4. I failed four tests in one day.
5. The temperature reached 102 yesterday.
6. I have a big wart on my foot.
7. My friend seems to smile a lot.
8. He strained his eyes watching television so much.
9. I’m feeling very depressed today.
10. You’re nice.
11. I grew a big lemon on my tree.
12. I had a huge party.
13. The waves at the beach were large after the storm.
14. That girl is pretty.
15. There have been many phone calls today.

[User Picture]From: silversliver
2005-12-18 10:46 pm (UTC)
2. Six days of rain! Do you know where I can find an ark?
3. My friend ate three hot fudge sundaes, each big enough for a linebacker.
7. He smiles so much he must have to plug it in to recharge it every night.
8. He watched so much TV he went practically blind.
11. I assure you this is not a grapefruit - it came from my lemon tree!
12. The pope himself must have been the only person on earth who didn't come to my party last weekend.
13. The waves at the beach were tall as houses after the storm.
15. I must have answered the phone a billion times today. And there it is again!
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