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Write Like the Wind

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Challenge #22--Non Fiction [Mar. 12th, 2008|11:13 pm]
Write Like the Wind
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[music |"IMN" by Mudvayne]

Gotta love the military.

I watched her stand on the edge of the plateform, arms crossed over her chest and shaking like a leaf. She wasn't afraid of water; this girl from a fucked up part of Brooklyn, New York wasn't afraid of much. But for some reason, her feet were glued to that platform. It could've been the fact that it was a fifteen-foot plunge into the pool, but she's scaled chain link fences that high. Maybe higher. She could've been gathering the nerve to jump, but she's showed plenty of nerve when she cursed us out regularly; often for just breathing. So what the hell kept the girl standing there, practically scared shitless?

Then the proctor warned her. And he warned her loud and clear.

"If you don't jump in five seconds, I'll fucking PUSH YOU!!"

This Brooklynite made it clear once before that she was not to be pushed, and the threat was all she needed. She stepped off the platform and fell into the pool. Not with the same gusto she's always shown, but with a 'get it over with' sort of attitude. Moments later, she bobbed to the surface and paddled her way to the life raft. I hoisted her in. When she was stable, she started shaking her head. I wasn't supposed to touch her more than I already have, but despite being cursed constantly, I liked her. I pushed her hair from her face. Her brown skin--which typically glowed--was damn near pale from the shock of the cold pool water.

"What the fuck happened to you up there?" I asked her, hoping the proctors didn't notice me talking or touching her. Then she looked up at me with those deep, dark eyes of hers and narrowed them slightly. She didn't seem angry, but she certainly seemed a little ashamed. All her toughness and bombast were gone. She wasn't the course mouthed person she was in the barracks.

"...Got a flashback of some kid who almost pushed me off a ten foot fence when I was younger. ...Just froze up when I got to the edge, I guess."

"You okay to continue?"

"Yeah, as long as I don't have to jump off another platform!"

With that, she slid out of the raf and made her way to the side of the pool. Even though we all passed the swim portion of our physical exam, I got bitched at by the proctors for 'flirting' and given a strike. But I wasn't upset about it. With that strike came a small--and rare--revelation about the tough girl from Brooklyn, New York with a foul mouth that could scale two or three story fences. She wasn't as tough as she seemed. Beneath the cursing and the bravado, she was still human. And she was probably more human than she allowed herself to admit.

Off to work.