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litterati's Journal

Write Like the Wind
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Welcome to Litterati!

This is a writing community dreamed up by the_missy and just_aims for the purpose of improving our writing abilities through challenges and exercises.

We also welcome members to post works written outside of the challenge guidelines.

A couple of very simple rules:

1. just_aims or the_missy will post each challenge with a challenge number and name. If you're posting a work for the challenge, please include the challenge number and/or name in the subject line.

2. If your work is longer than a few paragraphs, please be courteous and use an LJ cut. it's easy: just put <lj-cut> before your text, and </lj-cut> after it. If you'd like a more detailed sentence for your cut, you can also use <lj-cut text="here's my story"> before your cuts.